In the Shadow of the Cross


This blog consists of posts, and responses to posts, which are theological in nature. That is, materials which refer to biblical texts, sermons, lectures or broader theological arguments focusing on issues of race and/or reconciliation.

An appropriate example is the online feed of Prof. James Cone, Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology, Union Theological Seminary, delivery of the 2006 Ingersoll Lecture at Harvard Divinity School on October 19, 2006.

Here are some questions that will assist you in the process.

Count the costs

What will I have to give up to have the conversation?

What position of authority will I need to release to the Lord to make this happen?

What perspective will I need to release to the Lord to make this happen?

Am I willing to be fully honest with my feelings (affective), biases (cognitive), and fears (restrictive)?


Ask the hard questions

What challenging questions or provocative statements have you had that you’ve never felt safe to articulate?

What must I do to overcome any blind spots, attitudes and/or resistance in this area?

What power struggles do I face in my personal walk?


Live out your values

How do I allow people to see the transformational process that is happening in me?

How do these values shape my evangelical witness?

How will I model these values in my home and among my friends and acquaintances?

How will I model these values in the place where I worship?

How will I seize opportunities to find out about, and join with, others as they celebrate their unique heritage?

What opportunity will I give to someone to find out about, and celebrate, my uniqueness with me?

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