Seek to Understand


This blog category seeks to provide social, cultural and political information which will set a context within which to have a conversation about issues of race and reconciliation within the broader society in which we live.

For the church, and/or churches, to be relevant, we must be in conversation with the wider cultural conversations, which are taking place around us.

To do this, one should consider the following questions:

Authenticate the struggle

Will I allow safe space for the transformational conversation?

Will I allow the Holy Spirit to give me “ears to hear” what my brothers and sisters have to say?

Will I have a heart of openness, love and forgiveness as I hear myself and as I hear them speak?

What has history shown me? What is God saying today?


Define spiritual unity and cultural understanding

What does “spiritual unity and cultural understanding” mean to you?

From your perspective, what does that look like?


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