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Seek to Understand



Social, cultural and political information which will set a context for conversations about issues of race and reconciliation


More specifically, this blog category seeks to provide social, cultural and political information which will set a context within which to have a conversation about issues of race and reconciliation within the broader society in which we live. 

For the church, and/or churches, to be relevant, we must be in conversation with the wider cultural conversations, which are taking place around us.

Feel free to add your comments to the articles and other media added to these topics. We want to encourage meaningful, civil, and focused discussion. When you post a comment to this blog, it is not automatically published. It is held in a queue until it has been reviewed, based on the following guidelines:

– Commenters should exercise respect, prayer and civility when posting comments. Blog administrators will do the same when choosing whether or not to post your comment.
– Commenters may agree or disagree with the content of a post.
– Comments should respond to the topic of the original post. Those who attempt to derail or dominate a comments thread will be deleted.
– Comments containing profanity, name-calling, or racial slurs will be deleted.
– Comments intending to malign an individual or group will not be posted.
– Comments that appear on the blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the blog administrators.
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