Our mission together is to create a new day of spiritual unity and cultural understanding between blacks and whites through the shared Christian values of respect, trust, and love; modeling these values individually and corporately by overcoming ignorance and fear, by confronting issues of poverty and power, and by recognizing, engaging and celebrating our difference.

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  • ""It is not often that one gets to be a part of a movement. The New Day effort can become a movement for what is right and what is just. Reconciliation is the ministry to which we are called. This is an opportunity to flesh out our calling. New Day can be catalytic. Someone is waiting for someone else to take the lead in addressing these issues and taking steps forward. We can be that 'someone else.' If God is in this, this could be big. Big things usually present big challenges. We are going to be called to stretch. What we must do is pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to take control of all of this process. If this happens, there really will be a New Day in race relations in MD/DE."" - David Lee, executive director of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware
  • ""I am delighted to be a part of this group, for I have long prayed for the day when black and white Christian leaders would come to the table to work on issues that have hindered the cause of Christ for so long."" - Byron Day, senior pastor, Emmanuel Church, Laurel, Md.

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